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Roux’s Red Velvet is Brilliant

There’s Red Velvet Cake and then there’s the stunning beauty from Matthew Lewis’ new Restaurant Roux, which has been packed since it debuted two weeks ago.

Updating the Eater SEA Heatmap: Where To Eat Now

Sighs of relief all around when Matt Lewis finally opened his New Orleans-inspired restaurant in Upper Fremont in November after years of teasing. Turtle bolognese, gator wings, pig ears and shrimp & grits are standouts. In short, Roux is worth the epic wait.

Introducing the Long-Awaited Roux, Opening Tonight!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the time has come to put your hands together and welcome Roux. The restaurant Where Ya At Matt’s Matthew Lewis spent two years getting off the ground finally opens tonight (for realz) in the old Buckaroo space in Fremont.